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Flying radio controlled Helicopter, Quadcopter and airplanes by beginners

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Flying radio controlled airplanes , RC Helicopter and RC Quadcopter are fun but it is necessary to get to the basics first before starting to fly them. The performance of radio controlled airplanes also depends on the quality of the radio that controls it.

Don’t bother with the cheap 2 or 3 channel sets always go   for the 4 channel types. These 4 channel systems always come with NiCad batteries with 3 servos; this kind of set-up is the most efficient and most popular, most cost-effective kind of system.

To start with radio controlled airplanes, always plan your itinerary carefully, start with radio controlled airplanes that require minimal expertise and could fly almost right away.

ARF’s or the almost ready to fly planes are the most recommended models for beginners. A piece of advice is to always buy a starter plane that you’ll not be afraid to crash.

Your initial plane does not have to be that good-looking; they just   have to be functional and sturdy enough to withstand constant crashes that   are evident to beginners.

After learning how to fly radio controlled planes, you can then switch to the beautiful and classy models. Now that you have your plane, you should have knowledge on how to fly radio controlled airplanes read the manual that is provided along with your purchase or better yet, consult a local trainer to guide you in your first flights.

Battery of RC Planes/Helicopters

It is much better to consult professional advice that learning on your own, it would save you a lot of time and get you started in no time.

Need to check out this checklist before buying the remote control plane:

  1. Range of remote control
  2. Battery of remote control
  3. Motor of airplane
  4. Body element of airplane
  5. Spare parts of airplane
  6. Battery charging time of airplane
  7. Flying time of the airplane

After checking out this list, you are needed to be sure everything is like you wanted in you dream airplane.

Motor of RC Planes/Helicopters

Last but not least, where as you are a beginners in RC flying, you should select comparatively low budget plane whereas there are lots of change to damage it in your first couple of attempts.

Now, it’s your time to make your dream true by flying an airplane but be careful .